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Benefits of a Private Jeweler

From engagements and weddings to anniversaries, birthdays, new mothers and graduations, there are so many milestones and events we honor and celebrate with jewelry. That makes buying jewelry not only a financial investment, but an emotional one as well. If it’s a gift you want to remember fondly, where you shop for that special piece of jewelry an important part of the experience. And a private jeweler can give you that special experience.

What is a Private Jeweler?

There are three basic types of jewelers: corporate retailers, independent jewelers and private jewelers. 

Corporate Retailers

For the most part, these are the big brand names whose jingle we’ve heard on the radio a million times. They range from high-end luxury stores to mid-sized and cut-rate ones you’ll find in your local mall always offering some kind of special. 

Independent Jewelers 

These are your local, family-owned shops. They are generally smaller store and offer a personalized shopping experience from knowledgeable salespeople in a more relaxed, low-pressure setting. 

Private Jewelers

Also known as personal jewelers, private jewelers provide personalized attention throughout the jewelry design and purchasing process. They are often available by appointment only and don’t have large retails spaces because they don’t carry a lot of inventory. 

Why Choose a Private Jeweler?

While working with a private jeweler sounds extravagant, it can actually save you time and money, provide you with better quality jewelry and a better shopping experience. Consider a private jeweler for a personal, stress-free way to fine your next piece of jewelry.

Better Quality

Private jewelers hand-pick their gems from reputable sources, never buying in bulk. This always them to only offer the very best quality.

Better Value

While you’ll find lower prices at corporate retailers, it’s because the quality is lower. But if you compare the same quality pieces, you’ll often find the better price from the private jeweler. Private jewelers are able to offer better value by eliminating many of the traditional expenses big retailers have.

Better Service

Major jewelry stores can be busy and overcrowded, leaving you feeling rushed or ignored. But with a private jeweler, you get a one-on-one experience from an expert who’s willing to help you find that one special or completely custom item. We even offer what we call Sparkle, Smolder & Sip.

Better Design Options

The jewelry found at big-name jeweler, while beautiful, is mass produced. The same pieces are sold in every store, so if you are looking for something uniquely yours, a private jeweler is the way to go. They can create custom jewelry, so really the sky’s the limit when it comes to the design.

Better Experience

Whether you are shopping for an engagement ring or a special gift, fine jewelry usually carries with it a special meaning or memory. When you use a private jeweler, that memory starts at the very beginning of your shopping experience with a personalized, private and hassle-free process. 

Get Personal Attention & White Glove Service with Skyline Gems

Whether you are looking for a formal engagement ring or a “just because” gift, contact Skyline Gems. We are Lake Country’s private jeweler and have an array of options that range from fully customized creations to ready-made pieces, providing boundless possibilities in the world of jewelry. Contact us today to get started turning your vision into a bespoke custom jewelry masterpiece. 


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