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About Chris

Private Jeweler & Jewelry Designer

“At 21, I stumbled into the intricate world of jewelry with little knowledge. Jay and Patty, diamond and gemstone wholesalers, saw potential in me—a fitness club college student. Under their mentorship, I transformed from a novice to grasping the essence of business: your word is your bond and only handshakes seal deals. 

A decade of wholesale and retail experience deepened my understanding, however I still hungered for more knowledge, which led me to the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A), where I earned the title of Graduate Gemologist, G.G. 

Now a Private Jeweler and Jewelry Designer, I prioritize lasting relationships over quick gains, guided by my grandfather’s wisdom: there are givers and takers in this world. The takers eat better; the givers sleep better. I choose to give, ensuring every night, I sleep in peace. 

In this industry, I’ve found my calling and joy, all thanks to unexpected mentors who set me on this remarkable journey.”  -Chris

What My Clients Say

"Chris provides the best customer service! I wanted to make my husband's wedding band special. I gave Chris my budget and he helped me design a custom ring you couldn’t find in a store. He also helped me include a diamond from my husband’s mother who had passed. We have beautiful, custom, meaningful and special pieces. Highly recommend Skyline Gems."
Jenna K.
Custom Ring